Service Tax

Service tax is a form of indirect tax that is imposed on specified services called "taxable services". Generally speaking, "value of taxable service" means, the gross amount received by the service provider for the taxable service rendered by him. This very well depicts how we all largely remain surrounded in lengthy tax statements. To take you out from the hassles of lengthy service tax, we here at Hegde & More advice you on variety of taxes to reduce tax burden.

Right from return preparedness, assessment, TDS calculation, withholding tax compliance, presenting tax appeals to income tax appellate tribunal, our services are far extended to help you manage all your tax affairs in the most efficient manner.

We provide following service tax services to our clients:

  • Registration
  • Record to be maintained and invoice
  • Payment of service tax
  • Classification of services
  • Adjustment of excess service tax paid
  • Credit of service tax paid
  • Interest and penalty
  • Notice and visit by departmental officer
  • Assessment
  • Revision and appeal
  • Refund of tax